Selective Breeds

This page serves as an archive of various breeding projects I've undertaken apart from the purebreds and that I'd like to share with the Petz community!


"Lydia Meows"

These Catz are the result of me finally getting around to mixing my favorite Catz breed (calicoes) with my favorite Catz 5 breed (Scottish folds) in order to create Catz with the best features of both. As you can see, I've bred them in all ten colors. They're beautiful, friendly Catz who enjoy posing for the camera!

Breed standards:

Head: Calico
Ears: Scottish Fold
Body: Calico
Legs/feet: Calico preferred, anything proportionate accepted
Tail: Scottish Fold
Fur texture: Scottish Fold
Fur color: Any
Eye color: Any
Eyelid color: Any
Personality: Any
Any additional markings that can inherit onto the SF coat (chest patches, face stripes, calico patches, etc) are permitted


Click on the pic to download a breeding pair to breed your own Lydia Meows! Or breed these two into your own calico lines to get the fur texture and/or folded ears!

They are Petz 3/4 files and are compatible with all versions of the game!

Petz 3/4 owners, you will need the unibreed Petz 5 Scottish Fold file from Reverie.

Petz 5 owners, you will need the unibreed Petz 5 Scottish Fold file from Reverie if you want the fur colors to show up in their offspring. Honestly, I'd recommend downloading all of the fixed P5 files from either Reverie or the sites listed at the top of my downloads page if you haven't already, they make breeding unique and pleasing Petz in the game possible. :)