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Do you specialize in an unpopular breed? Are you looking for breeding stock? Do you just want a unique-looking purebred? Then you're in the right place. We offer downloadable adoptions for all thirty official Petz breeds. The twenty "original" breeds are for Petz 3+, while the ten Petz 5 exclusive breeds are obviously for Petz 5.

(New Petz are still being added, so check back frequently to see the updates!)

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October 24, 2014

October 24, 2014

Just a small update today, but I had to make it today. Updated my age on the "about" page. Darn birthdays. :P

I haven't bred anything for the downloads section lately, since I've without warning started writing fanfic again and it's kind of taking up all of my time. I am nearly finished with this one, though, so once I finish it I plan to get right back to breeding Petz. I'm planning on working on German shepherds next. :)


October 18, 2014

October 18, 2014

Firstly, all of the files are now moved over to Dropbox. Secondly, desert lynxes have been re-added in all ten colors! ...I think. It's super hard to tell with some of them, lol. But at least they're better looking than the ones I had up before!

Also quickly bred a few more golden retrievers, so those are now in all ten colors as well. :)

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